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Uromastyx nigriventris
Art / Species:
Uromastyx nigriventris ROTHSCHILD & HARTERT 1912 Bilder / Pictures

Unterarten / Subspecies:

Synonyme / Synonyms:
Uromastix acanthinurus nigriventris ROTHSCHILD & HARTERT 1912
Uromastix acanthinurus werneri MÜLLER 1922: 201
Uromastix acanthinurus var. pluriscutata FEJÉRVÁRY 1927: 514
Uromastyx acanthinurus werneri — MERTENS 1962: 427
Uromastyx acanthinurus werneri — WERMUTH 1967: 102
Uromastix acanthinura nigriventris — WILMS 2007
Uromastix acanthinura nigriventris — WILMS et al. 2007
Uromastyx nigriventris — WILMS et al. 2009

Trivialname / Common name:
Moroccan Spiny-tailed Lizard

Verbreitung / Distribution:
Widespread in Morocco east and south of the Atlas Mountain Chain. In western Algeria it ranges in the Sahara Atlas and in the regions northwest, northeast and southwest of the Great Western Erg. In Morocco the southern distribution limits for this taxon are Oued Draa (Draa-valley) and Djebel ouarkziz.

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