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MANTHEY, U. & W. GROSSMANN (1997): Genus Harpesaurus - In: Amphibien und Reptilien Südostasiens. - Natur und Tier – Verlag, Münster: 191-193.

Harpesaurus beccarii DORIA, 1888

Sumatra Nose-horned Lizard

BÖHME, W. (1989): Rediscovery of the Sumatran agamid lizard Harpesaurus beccarii Doria 1888, with the first notes on a live specimen. - Tropical Zoology, 2 (1): 31-35.

A fourth specimen of Harpesaurus beccarii Doria 1888 to become known after about 80 years is described and compared with the available literature data. The first information on colouration in life is documented, and first behavioural data (feeding and drinking behaviour, escape tactics) are given. It is suggested that the conspicuous rostral appendage in this species and in related forms has social significance for species recognition which lowers its systematic value.

DORIA, G. (1888): Note Erpetologiche - Alcuni nuovi Sauri raccolti in Sumatra dal Dr. O. Beccari. - Ann. Mus. civ. stor. nat. Genova (2) 6: 646-652.

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Harpesaurus borneensis MERTENS, 1924

DAS, I., WEN, W.J. & V. MARTIN (2019): Harpesaurus borneensis (MERTENS, 1924) Borne-Hornagame. – Sauria, Berlin, 41 (2): 1-3.

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Harpesaurus ensicauda WERNER,1913

Nias Nose-horned Lizard

WERNER, F. (1913): Neue oder seltene Reptilien und Frösche des Naturhistorischen Museums in Hamburg. Reptilien der Ostafrika-Expedition der Hamburger Geographischen Gesellschaft 1911/12. Leiter: Dr. E. Obst. Reptilien und Amphibien von Formosa. - Jb. Hamb. wiss. Anst., 30 [1912], 2. Beiheft: 1-39, 40-45, 45-51.

Harpesaurus modigliani VINCIGUERRA,1933

Modigliani´s Nose-horned Lizard

PUTRA, C.A., AMARASINGHE, A.A.T., HIKMATULLAH, D., SCALI, S., BRINKMAN, J.J., MANTHEY, U. & I. INEICH (2020): Rediscovery of Modigliani’s Nose-horned Lizard, Harpesaurus modiglianii VINCIGUERRA, 1933 (REPTILIA: AGAMIDAE) after 129 years without any observation. – Taprobanica, 9 (1): 3-11.

The Modigliani’s nose-horned lizard, Harpesaurus modiglianii Vinciguerra, 1933, is one of the rarest lizards in the world, known only from its single type specimen collected in 1891, from North Sumatra, Indonesia. During explorations of the forests surrounding Lake Toba and its caldera, we discovered a population of H. modiglianii at an elevation of 1,675 m a.s.l., and provide the first data on its habitat. We here re-describe the species based on an examination of its type and new material, and provide an English translation of the complete original description which was originally written in Italian.

VINCIGUERRA, D. (1933): Descrizione di una nuova specie di Harpesaurus di Sumatra. - Ann. Mus. civ. stor. nat. Genova, 56: 355-356.

Harpesaurus tricinctus DUMÉRIL & DUMÉRIL, 1851

Java Nose-horned Lizard

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